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Month: October 2016


Hello lovelies, Hope you all are doing well. As my festive mood is on so I choose to wear something different in this diwali. As I love styling, this time I created a classic combination of black and pink. Palazo looks all time classy and the top is from pantaloons. My most favorite thing in […]


Hello lovelies, Today I am going to share a very pretty style of mine. Last month I went for an outing with my family so I choose some outfit which are light in color. But I had no crush on Light colors but this dress has surely made me fall for it. Its fitting and […]


Hello lovelies, I hope you all are doing well. So the thing turns my mood on is my styling. This time I choose to create something new. So I wore a blue batik skirt as offshoulder dress and used a pink jacket which is adding a slite spark in my look.I am really loving the […]


Elegance, sofistication, class ….. You must be thinking why am I talking like this. Yaa you are right todays blog speaks all about classy look. Generally I am not always open to black outfit. But there are some cocktale dress or gown which turns you mood on, so this black dress made me look so […]