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Oh! woow TONI&GUY SALON in Kolkata


Hello Lovelies,

 Relax rejuvenate breath refresh enjoy nourish renew

Friends you must be thinking that why am I talking about all these terms. I felt that we really lack these types of things in our fast life. But for me relaxation is must which help us to free our mind from all types of tension,worries etc. This days doctors prescribe Spa, physiotherapy, meditation for many patients who are suffering from stress and all. Many times medicine is not the solution. So in that case I just want to share my experience about Spa.

So Last week I went to Toni&Guy Salon , ,which I felt is beyond imagination after reaching their. I just want to share something about this salon, this is the first ever International Brand Toni&Guy ,they are just excelling in hair dressing since 1963. They also have achieved lots of International awards, there are about 475 salons in 48 countries and now its also located in Kolkata at Balligunj Circular road.You will be surprised to know that its area is 8000+ sq/feet and they gives services of hair, skin, nails, body, tattoo and piercing, celebrity lounge for privacy and luxury of clients .

When I reached their I was really in love with the ambience. I was attended by one of their staff and she accompanied me and showed me their whole salon. They were really sweet to me, I didn’t feel that I went their for the first time.

Here are the pictures of the salon.

The reception area looks like this and I liked their interior decoration its like so soothing and innovative.



Their was a hair cutting section which is really spacious and beside that only, they had a hair washing area. IMG_7503IMG_7507IMG_7536IMG_7537IMG_7539


Beside this section their is room for the people who wants privacy and its mainly made for celebrity clients.



Infront of that , they have got a bridal makeup section. I really love the way they utilize the space.


Then their was a nail and Mani cure pedicure section .


These are the products they mainly use.


At the back side of the salon their are the most peaceful area which I loved the most its perfect for relaxation and all. They have spa section which so beautiful in itself, specially the ambience. That day I took a head,shoulder spa which made me so relaxed in the dark room with a soothing music, everything was going with the mood. I was so relaxed that my tiredness just disappeared after the spa. I would really refer you to visit this salon as I felt every person needs spa for relaxation now a days. I felt I got more energy to work. For this type of spa you need to visit people who are professional, so I would really refer you all this Toni&Guy Salon. You will get treatment beyond imagination.


If you all like my review then please do visit their salon in Kolkata.

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See you again in my next post till then keep styling.

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