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Month: July 2016


Hello lovelies, Whenever I think of monsoon, I just feel like wearing colorful outfits. Evrytime, I love wearing something which enhance my total look. So this time, I am wearing a stripe dress from one of my favorite online store . This outfit is one of my favorite because I just loved the […]

Review on Beauty Product

​Hello Girlies, I know everybody loves their skin so as I. I got a face product from beauty secret . So I thought of giving a review on it. The product which comes in a transperant plastic box, it looks pretty well. Method of using: take 1 tsp of product and mix it with […]


Hello lovelies, I hope you all are doing well. So a new day , a new style story and a new me. I feel day by day my love for styling is increasing and I just feel its because of you people. You lovely people appreciate my work so much that I am just much […]


Hello friends Today I am here with a new story. Its not about me and not about styling but about a man who really inspired me a lot so I thought of writting about him and letting you know about his achievement.     Today I am going to write about  Mr Mahul Brahma: Mahul’s […]


Hello World, It has been a long time that I didn’t style up with a floral piece. So this time I was so sure to bring a cool bohemian look in-front of you. This time I took a vibrant long skirt from the store fashion electric- . Recently I got a huge crush on […]

Oh! woow TONI&GUY SALON in Kolkata

Hello Lovelies,  Relax rejuvenate breath refresh enjoy nourish renew Friends you must be thinking that why am I talking about all these terms. I felt that we really lack these types of things in our fast life. But for me relaxation is must which help us to free our mind from all types of tension,worries […]

Royal bond

Hello lovelies, Every girl wish to look like a princess. So as you all know me every month I create a majestic look. I love creating this type of royal looks, as we cannot do it in a daily basis but these are perfect for any parties or occasions. I am really not fond of […]


Hello world, Perfect styling sense can really make you look perfect. So on this note I wore a very stylish skirt from which has got a pleated look and the material is so soft that I just love wearing it, so I love this brand because of their immense style sense, every month they […]